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30-Minute Plant-Based Perfection

Posted on January 3, 2020

Is a half-hour a long time or a short time? We’re taking the perspective it’s enough time to prepare plant-based meals you, your family and your friends will love and ask for again. There are a LOT of options in our online recipe library. Please browse around. Here’s a sampling of our favorites that pack the flavor and keep things easy-peasy inside a 30-minute window.

Breakfast: Good Morning? Great Morning!

Plant-Based Daiya Breakfast Burritos

Also try: 

Tofu and Veggie Scramble


Lunch: Mid-Day Amazing

Arepas with Cutting Board Shreds

Tofu Burrito Bowl

Also try: 

Pizza Bagel

Plant-Based Daiya Mac & Cheeze


Dinner: From Famished to Feasting

Pasta Primavera

Sheet Pan Vegetable Fajitas

Also try: 

Jackfruit Philly Cheezesteaks

Plant-Based Daiya Pizza


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